Nicholas Kioko's gf kept relationship hidden from her parents

• Ashley and her YouTuber bae have been blessed with 2 kids during their relationship.

Nicholas Kioko with his baby mama Ashley Wambui
Image: Courtesy

Nicholas Kioko's baby mama, budding YouTuber and brand influencer, Ashley Wambui has revealed that she never told her parents when she and Kioko started dating. Leave alone notify them that they had moved in together.

The couple who have twin boys revealed the dynamics behind them moving in together during a QnA session that they had on Wambo's YouTube channel after a curious netizen asked the mother of 2 to explain to them how her parents allowed her to move in with a man at such a tender age.

"How did you convince your parents to allow you to move in with your partner?" the question read.

Responding to this, Kioko's baby mama noted that her parents for a long while had no idea she was living with a man as she kept things hidden from them. Thus there was no need to ask for permission, she just moved in with her man.

"I did not even convince them, I did not even tell that that I had found someone, leave alone that I had moved in with them. They just came to find that out on their own later on," the mother of 2 revealed.

She went on to add that her mother actually called her to confirm if it was true that she was living with a man and the man's ethnicity which she appeared to have no major issues with.

"Haiya, Wambo umeolewa? Okay, mnaishi na Kioko? Mkamba? Okay," the YouTuber narrated as she recalled her conversation with her mom from last year.

Kioko humorously reenacted his bae's conversation with her mom recalling how Ashley's mother had inquired about their relationship with a spot-on impression of an old Kikuyu lady. An excited Ashley confirmed that that is exactly how things had unfolded.

"Eeehh hivyo, yeah!" Ashley said in between giggles soon as her baby daddy was done before adding, "Mimi sikuenda kusema ety, 'Mom nimepata mtu and what-not.' No I didn't do any of that," added Nicholas Kioko's baby mama.

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