I knew he didn't like me when... Jackie Matubia serves hot tea

• The actress has two little girls from two different baby daddy's

• She was once engaged to fellow thespian Blessing Lungaho

Jackie Matubia
Image: Instagram

I knew he didn't like me when... Jackie Matubia serves hot tea

Veteran thespian, brand influencer, and now a movie producer as well, Jackie Matubia has hoped on the 'I knew he didn't me when' challenge that originated from X, albeit a little late.

We not complaining though, we are here for the tea and we love it served piping hot.

The mother of 2 who has always been vocal about her love life whether with cryptic messages or outright statements has got netizens tongues wagging with the new bombshell she just dropped while participating in the viral challenge.

While speaking during an interview with a local publication, the former Salem cast member divulged she felt greatly disrespected by one of her baby daddy's when he made a certain remark that left her fuming.

"I knew he hated me when he referred to me as mama nani. Yaani nimekuzalia mtoto then uniite mama nani? Yaani ata umesahau jina ya mtoto wako? That is how much you hate me? Eehh...okay," The actress shared in a video that has been making rounds on social media.

Answering the same question but from her point of view, Matubia disclosed she knew she no longer liked her partner whom apparently had been residing in her house when she woke up one day and kicked him out! No notice or anything.

"I knew I did not like him when I told him to wake up and leave my house. I mean, I am miss independent," Jackie said as she let out a sly laugh.

Instagram users had a lot to say in regard to her statements with some wondering why she was housing a man in the first place while others noted she needed to heal and move on.

Below are a few comments;

Rozzy_kabz: so this whole Toxic show is her real life story

Its_mamalyy: but a man moving into your house! Honestly what colour is that flag?

Catoon_lymes: I just love this lady for free

Wendy_mukami_kimathi: Jackie you need to heal, each week you have to mention this guy

Itskimanijohn: so there are men who live in women's houses?

Mariah_tsuma: Ungeambia tu interviewer I can't answer that it's all in the past... anyway at least tumejua ulimhost

Wambuajmary: Atamsahau aje na akona mtoto wake...

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