Hard lesson Tipsy Gee learned as a newbie in the music industry

• He is a fast-rising Arbantone artist credited for global hit tracks such as 'TikToker' and 'Kufinish Kumalo.

Tipsy Gee
Image: Instagram

'Finish Kumalo' Arbantone hitmaker Tipsy Gee has opened up on the measures he undergoes while considering hoping on a music collaboration with different individuals.

The fast rising singer revealed he had learned a hard lesson after he hoped on a big tune, which he failed to mention, without discussing pay cuts with the other artists involved.

After release, said song went on to become a huge hit and Tipsy Gee was swindled out of a decent amount despite all the work he had put in the collaboration.

Speaking with online media the 'TikToker' crooner emphasized the importance of discussing royalties before going to the studio irrespective of if you guys are friends or just acquaintances in the industry.

"Personally when I am called to hop on a music collabo I look at a few things. One I look at who has called me for the project, it can be people like kina Gordy Tenor, you know that is my hommie so I will let them have 80% while I take 20% but that is just a figure I'm roughly stating," started off the fast rising young artist.

He went on to add;

"Second we have to agree on figures, I do not care whether the tune will hit or not but we have to be in agreement before we start working on the song.

I have learned this the hard way. There is a track I worked on and it was a big hit. The problem is I did the song before discussing splits.

The track ended up raking in a lot of money and when I started asking about my cut and what not ilileta virugu nyingi. I just had to let go.

But now I have learned and I always discuss my splits and royalties before anything else."

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