Why 'Finish Kumalo' singer isn't getting married any time soon

• He credits his success to hard work.

kumalo singer tipsy gee courtesy instagram
kumalo singer tipsy gee courtesy instagram

Arbantone singer Tipsy Gee's cool nature has landed him female admirers as he scales the height of musical success.

The young man loves the support he receives from all his fans performing in concerts countrywide.

He recently spoke to Plugtv, where he confessed that dating is the last thing on his mind.

Is he currently dating?

He reacted laughing

"Tipsy mambo yake ni ngumu mambo yangu  ni ngumu, "

He told me what else he was interested in instead.

"Inabidi maze, focus on biashara kidogo maze. .Bado maisha inatukalia ngumu si utalala tu. "

He has qualities he likes in a woman

"Mtu anajituma, dame ako na vibe especially dame mi napenda. Mwenye anajilipia bill.Wanawake walipigani rights sana inaonyesha wanaweza hustle so kama tunaweza hustle si wote ni poa unajua, inakuwa ni double investment. Kuliko unitegemee mimi peke yake." He added

He is celebrating the official release of the video to his song Taki Nakati, which was launched on May 29.

This is his first solo. He was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth.He credits his success to hard work.

"No Rich Parents, No HandOuts, No Favours, Straight Hustle All Day Everyday"

He described himself as "sarcastic, mlevi na msanii mnoma" in an interview with Flickshubtv in March this year. 

He also admitted to being very single

"I am not married, I am very much single, and I am not planning to date anyone outside Kenya. "

He does have a Kenyan celebrity crush

"Manze if I tell you itakuwa kinoma lakini niko naye, lakini sitataja"

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