Why musical legend Tedd Josiah is strongly opposed to his kids pursuing music

• The father of 3 shared his heart bleeds and hurts when he thinks about what he's given to Kenya.

Music producer Tedd Josiah
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Renown veteran Kenyan music producer, artist and entrepreneur Edmond Tedd Josiah musician is sharing his woes as a creative in the music industry.

The 54-year-old talented artist shocked many upon revealing that in his 30 years being in the industry, he has never received a shilling from any of the albums or songs he has produced.

In a video he shared on his Instagram feed, the father of 3 showed off his beautiful home studio adorned with plaques of some of his works before embarking on an angry rant.

Sharing his displeasure with the boards put up to protect musician and ensure their welfare Tedd highlighted his daughter had started showing an interest in music and he strongly didn't want her venturing into the industry just to end up as frustrated as he was.

"Been in the music industry for 30 years, I have worked with Nazizi, Wyre, Hardstone back in 1997, Sauti Sol, Yunasi and various albums,very many.

A lot of you have listened to 'Atoti', 'Unbwogable' or 'Kenyan Girl'... This is the painful part, I have never seen one shilling in royalty from all the albums I have ever done! Not one shilling," started off the former musician angrily.

He went on to showcase music sheets his daughter had shared with him noting how she'd expressed a desire for him to teach her how to work a few instruments, a move that was weighing heavily on his shoulders.

"Now, Jay comes and tells me she has been given music and I have to help her learn keyboard and piano. Yeah, I have a studio at home but the tough question is, do I want my child to cling on to music for it to become something she loves or even blossoms at and also doesn't receive royalties?

Do I want that for my child? All the corporate boards are in shambles right now, so much confusion! Yet there are gifted people being born daily, and there's no support for said people,

I don't know if I want my kids to ever be musicians! I don't want them to feel the pain I am speaking with right now! All that anger of I have put my heart, mind, body, soul and money into this thing yet not a single shilling!" Tedd emotionally shared in his online rant.

Captioning the post, the father of 3 wrote, "My heart bleeds and hurts when I think about what I've given Kenya.

All my youth, using my gifts and talents to build the music industry only to earn ZERO royalty because of a broken system made intentionally broken by people who are busy building palaces with artists money! May God intervene,"

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