Music pays really well- 'TikToker' hitmaker Tipsy Gee divulges

• The fast rising urbantone artist noted that the money he's been making takes care of his lifestyle and his parents as well.

Tipsy Gee
Image: Instagram

'TikToker' hitmaker, Tipsy Gee has revealed that he has raked up immeasurable wealth and success following the release of said song which he collaborated with fellow Arbantone artists Gody Tennor and Kappy.

Speaking with online media, the young artist divulged that music really pays according to his experience.

"I usually do not like to mention amounts a lot but all I can say is music pays," started off the fast-rising artist while in an interview that's currently making rounds on social media.

Tipsy Gee went on to divulge a few details of his success story as well as noting that he has learned how to downplay things and keep his lifestyle lowkey but that does not mean that he is broke or making little money.

"All I can say is tunakula pesa poa, I cannot lie to you. Music pays. I mean when you see us doing such things such as a launch that should tell you that we have money, we have money. Basically, we could be playing down when it comes to lifestyle but the money is there," the fast rising Arbantone artist candidly said.

Tipsy Gee
Image: Instagram

Finishing up Tipsy Gee revealed that he was looking forward to being in the industry for more than a decade as so far the music industry has proven itself extremely promising and rewarding as well.

"Personally, my money I am investing it back to music because it has money. It is something I want to work on for like the next 15 years since I have seen it is very promising. You can depend on music, right now inanilea na inalea wazazi wangu," the artist said.

The now globally viral Arbantone track 'TikToker' currently has 10 million views on YouTube since its release 7 months ago.

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