King Kaka speaks out denies breaking up with wife Nana Owiti [VIDEO]

•A Social media account had alleged Nana had sought asylum abroad.

• King Kaka and Nana Owiti have two kids.

King Kaka with his wife Nana Owiti.

Kenyan Rapper King Kaka has responded to rumour he and his wife Nana Owiti have parted ways.

A Social media account had alleged Nana had sought asylum abroad.

The account also alleged Kaka's kids had been stolen and that Nana had named her husband as deceased while seeking asylum.

King Kaka now says people should be mindful of what they put out as content.

"I never clout chase especially when it touches on family. I was not going to address it but because it is touching on family I am responding to it. Someone has picked on the cake story that the kids have been stolen and Nana is out of the country, People have been calling me."

Kaka added he was shocked to learn he was assumed dead.

"Nana is in the country and the kids are in school. In the spirit of content creation let us be mindful. Let us not disrespectful when doing so. I have even heard I have a death certificate and am here ama am hallucinating. Keep in mind there are a lot of people involved. Let us not ruin a good thing trying to create content."


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