'I didn't know I would turn 60,' King Kaka's mom emotionally recounts

• The rapper's mom was diagnosed with lupus and arthritis 3 years ago.

King Kaka alongside his mother
King Kaka alongside his mother
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King Kaka's mom is an overly grateful and happy woman after clocking 60 years, a age she thought she would not get to see.

In a video shared by the lyrical genius on his Instagram page, Kaka's mom recounted how when she was diagnosed with lupus she thought her life would soon come to an end.

Kaka's mom turned 60 two weeks ago but his son surprised him with an amazing and intimate party yesterday evening.

This was in honour of her adding another year to her life and the international Mother's Day.

During the celebration, while giving out her speech, Kaka's mother, whom he lovingly refers to as Queen Elizabeth, got candid about her illness and how scared she was when she first got the diagnosis.

Elizabeth suffers from lupus and arthritis as well, a diagnosis she thought was a sure death sentence.

"Thank you so so much, may God bless you abundantly. I just want to glorify God for everything he has done for me. I just don't have words to say but just to thank him for this occasion," started off the musician's mom during her surprise birthday party speech.

She went on to reveal;

"I didn't know I would turn 60. In fact inwardly, let me just be open, I knew I would die before even reaching this day.

When I was diagnosed with lupus and arthritis, I came back to my house and started thinking, 'this is now death; I'm not going to reach 60, but now, since I was diagnosed with lupus, it's now three years. God is good all the time, and I glorify him,"

The rapper now turned film producer and director in a recent interview also opened up on how his mom's illness greatly shook him especially considering the fact that he grew up only with his mum after losing his dad in grade 7.

“My mom’s illness is one thing that has always disturbed me. She is my heart and she has a disease called lupus, which is incurable. One of my biggest worries is that she could be fine now, but in the evening she could be sick,"

The father of two went on to add how they had gone through a lot of strain before his mom was correctly diagnosed. He highlighted she used to be very ill as at the moment she was consuming drugs meant for a whole different illness.

"Before we knew it was lupus, she was treated for other things and got very sick,”

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