King Kaka opens up on his strained relationship with his late dad

• King Kaka's dad has since passed away.

King Kaka,
Image: Instagram

Kenyan Rapper King Kaka has revealed how the desire to forgive his father led to him creating the song 'Papa'.

According to Kaka, his dad was in the past abusive to his mum hence their separation.

He has however forgiven him. This he shared during an interview with Oga Obinna.

“When my dad died when I was in grade 7, I held a grudge because I witnessed him abusing my mom, which led to their separation.

I carried that bitterness towards my father. When I became King Kaka, one of my goals was to forgive him. That led me to create the song ‘Papa’. shared King Kaka 

Kaka says forgiving his dad was like getting a new lease of life.

“I went to my mother and told her that I had forgiven my father and that I wished he was here because we grew up poor. Now if my mum wants something, she can have it”.

King Kaka is a father of two a son and a daughter with wife Nana Owiti.

The couple has also adopted their nannies son.

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