Trio Mio teases major international collaborations

• Less than a year ago, the Cheza Kama Wewe singer was named among the artists defining Kenya's entertainment scene by Audiomark Africa.

Rapper Trio Mio
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Teen rapper, singer, and songwriter Mario TJ Cassela professionally known as Trio Mio has urged his fans to keep calm despite his loud silence in the music scene, promising that he is working on major projects that are going to blow people's minds.

Speaking about his disappearance from the industry and what he has been up to, the 'Cheza Kama Wewe' crooner revealed he had both international and amazing local collaborations that he has been perfecting and cannot wait to unveil them to the public.

"Shughuli ni most, I have been writing, I have been cooking a lot. I know people have been musing talking about eehh Trio amelost, ameenda on the low, but mimi ndio najua what Trio has been up to,'" started off the teen rapper while speaking with SPM Buzz.

He went on to share some of the things he has been working on as well as ways he has been learning to ensure he remains the best of the best in his craft.

"The reason why I have been low-key is because I am working a lot. I have a lot of projects, international like global collaborations outside Kenya and I am working on perfecting all this. Nimezifikia fikia and najaribu kuleta kitu haijawahi kuwa, haijawahi onekana tena," the artist candidly said.

On what he has learnt from his small hiatus and from the industry itself Trio Mio said;

"I'm studying the albums that other artists are releasing. You know right now most artists are on the run, releasing albums here and there. So I'm studying all that, methods they are using,  what they are doing and all that so that when the time is right and I release my own album I will not fumble the bag.

To my fans, relax content is coming. Music is coming and I promise you it is good. Singles here and there, collaborations, they are coming,"

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