Two men who made Trio Mio's mother believe in his rap career

• Trio Mio reveals the two two men who played a role in convincing his mother that music is a good career.

Rapper Trio Mio

Rapper Trio Mio is a force to reckon with as the artiste is now fully into his music game.

He now refers to himself as Kijana Hazardous.

His mum has been his biggest supporter since 2020, when he showcased his skills to her as he revealed in an interview on Iko Nini Podcast.

It was not easy because she preferred him to focus on school.

The 'Cheza Kama Wewe' hitmaker credits two of his uncles for exhibiting to his mother that music was a worthwhile career he could pursue.

"My mum has been my biggest supporter. Shout out to my late uncle he was my fan, he used to motivate me. I used to work out at home while writing rhymes, and he would come and encourage me about rapping,".

"By the way big up to them, I really miss him, he is the one who convinced my mother, my Godfather in Kakamega, ali convince matha they used to tell my mother, cheki venye ye anado," Trio Mio said.

He was determined to prove he had the talent to his mum.

"Before sleeping I would go to her room to rap for her every day. I was like Mum before you sleep listen to this. Obviously, as I was rapping she would have facial expressions like she doesn't feel it, but in time I won her over," Trio added.

Rapper Trio Mio
Image: courtesy

He teamed up with his brother and cousin and they started a YouTube channel.

"Kwani ni kesho, we started to do freestyle Fridays. We were broke so we recorded in the neighborhood. We shot videos with our phones. They shared the videos which got the attention of other musicians," the young rapper added.

His mum was impressed by the effort and attention he was drawing nationally.

"Matha anaingia social media hivi anachizi, wah ako liek wah mtoi wangu ako fierce ana chacha,".

The rapper also explained how his mother became his manager.

"I had this ka manager. He wasn't bad, he was a vibe, but he had disadvantages so kutoka kwa mboka, matha akasema wacha nishikilie manze," he added.

He loved the idea.

"I gave her the freedom and said sawa mathe if it's you, you are my ride or die I will be with you till the end of my career."

 At the same time, Trio advised youths about winning over their hesitant parents.

"If you are trying to show such things to your parents Jitume kwanza, onyesha matha enyewe hii kitu inaweza jipa," he stated.

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