Trio Mio speaks on his ambitions about his music

Trio Mio discloses BIG dream after major international recognition

• The Cheza Kama Wewe singer was named among the artists defining Kenya's entertainment scene.

Trio Mio
Image: Instagram

Trio Mio wants to be a global influence and superstar. He is making waves on the charts and solidifying his status as Kenya's rap sensation.

Taking note of his strides in the music industry, Trio said that his aim is to go global. The Cheza Kama Wewe rapper discussed Kenyan music as part of a video series celebrating African musicians on Audiomark Africa.

He opened up about becoming a rapper, in an interview made by the streaming app on Saturday, Sep 23.

Trio is among nine artists defining Kenya right now. Audiomark Africa is running a campaign dubbed The #KeepTheBeatGoing Campaign Lands in Kenya! 🇰🇪🌍

They also have named Boutross, Burukulyn Boyz, BreederLW, Nikita Kering, Nyashinski, Bien Aime, Nadia Mukami, and Bensoul on the list.

"This initiative is geared towards empowering Kenyan artists and inspiring listeners to tap into new music from the region," Audiomark announced in a statement this week.

Mkuruweng as he likes to be called, described Kenyan music as diverse, "I would use the word diverse to describe the Kenyan music scene right now," he began.

He continued, "It's a vibrant reflection of our cultural diversity."

"My sound is new school and I'm the chairman. Hence Mkurugenz. I merge youthful or new age flows with witty lines and old flavors."

He went further to explain how he wanted his music to shape Kenya and the world. "Through my music I want people to believe that Kenyan music can reach global heights, our artists can have success outside our borders, our songs can chart in other countries and we can be called for shows outside Kenya."

He says this is attainable, "It's full of different genres and styles cutting across different age groups. I see Kenyans loving, appreciating, and supporting our own."

"It's only a matter of time," he concluded his remarks.

Trio Mio released a new track this month featuring Breeder LW and it got raving reviews.

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