Trio Mio opens up on building his mom a mansion


• The 'cheza kama wewe' hit maker when asked about his earnings from the music and how he invested , he replied that he has been quietly building his mother a house in Kajiado.

Trio Mio
Image: Instagram

Kenyan rapper Trio Mio has recently revealed his ambitious plans of building his mother before he can move out of his mum's house. 

In a recent interview with Radio Citizen, the singer revealed that he is building his mom a house in Kajiado and that he plans to finish building the house before considering moving out.

The 'cheza kama wewe' hitmaker made this revelation when he was asked about his earnings from the music and how he invested. 

"Mpaka place nimefika at least siezi kosa kitu ya kudishi, saizi ukiniita shughuli siezi kosa kufika. My mum haezi kosa kupiga luku, siezi kosa kupiga luku. 

So bado tunabambanya, siezi kwambia ati nmefika, niko na mamili, nini. Bado nastruggle manze. Bado naishi na mother mpaka nimjengee ndio ntoke. tunajenga mdogo mdogo, si lazima nipost ndio mje, tunasonga on low key," he stated.

Trio Mio further stated that in as much as he plans to advance his studies, his current focus is on creating music.

During the interview, Trio Mio's mother, who is also his manager, divulged some of the challenges that come with raising a young star. 

The middle-aged beauty revealed that the foundation she laid for her kids has made parenting easier.

" Najaribu kumuelewa sana casue its also a first for me ye mwenyewe ni star, ana umri mdogo and it all comes down ulianza kulea mtoto wako vipi. so mimi I think from time immemorial, watoto wangu wanajua my word is law." Trio Mio's mother explained.  

The rising star's mother also indulged that some of the things her son does that irks her include, him not cleaning utensils, neglecting to make his bed, bringing lots of friends over, and occasionally experimenting with things she does not approve of such as alcohol.

When asked about her son's success, she stated that discipline and natural passion for his craft are his major driving factors.

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