Claudia Naisabwa speaks dating, tells about fame and fortune

• Claudia is just a pretty girl, she is smart, she is hardworking and in her bag - she told about her life

claudia naisabwa
claudia naisabwa

2024 is the year that Claudia Naisabwa has declared will bring her fame and success.

The female MC is adored by her fans and whenever she gets on stage, cheers follow her.

"I work as hard, I put in that much. If you see people talking about Claudia Naisabwa, it's not because ...Claudia is just a pretty girl, she is smart, she is hardworking and she is in her bag. I am in my bag" "I said 2024 is my year. "

Speaking during rehearsals for the Raha Fest over the Easter Weekend, she told SPM Buzz that she loves being ons tage.

"Every time I am on stage I usually get feedback from what I do"

The reactions plus being critical of herself have pushed her as well."Its about perfecting my craft and becoming the best at my game

"Claudia is Samburu, and that beauty gets her lots of attention "Kama kit ni kizuri, si unakipenda? If you see something is nice, you admire it coz it's nice, and I'm just nice. Everything about me is nice. That's it, Samburu genes, I'm telling you"

She has grown up listening to bongo music because of her upbringing

"I've grown up listening to bongo because of my mother. Its always been with me so it is my kind of music, it relates to me, it pierces through the soul. "

Is she dating?

"Hakuna someone special, "

Claudia has been spotted with Rayvanny and left tongues wagging.

She hesitated to confirm any rumors about the pair.

 "We've seen the connection online, we've seen you guys bonding having good time, "


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