Nicah The Queen addresses the possibility of ever dating a Ben 10

• The mother of two recently held a QnA where she was inundated with dating requests by her fans.

Nicah the Queen
Image: Instagram

Gospel singer Nicah The Queen has returned to her social media accounts after a long absence after announcing her breakup a few months ago.

The reality TV star apologized to her fans for not updating them about her life in an Instagram Q&A where she revealed she is very much single.

"Uko na mtu," one question went, to which she responded "Sina mtu".

Jesus Girl as she likes to refer to herself faced many queries about her dating status with some begging for a chance to date her.

"Hey, Nicah are you single? Some of us are trying to find a Queen like you." Nicah blushed about this question with an emoji showing she was feeling shy.

"Yes I am single," she said.

"Any intention or interest in having a partner?" asked another curious person.

She reacted by saying, "If God brings him my way why not! Though I'm not searching," she shared.

"Will I ever get a lunch date?" one persistent person appeared to beg.

She wondered why in her response, "Na mnanipenda huku inje!" she exclaimed.

Others wanted to know very personal questions including the colour of her innerwear, to the last intimate moment she had. 

"Mnakuwa too personal eii!!!" she protested the rather intrusive questions like the following demand 

"Would you take someone younger than you for a boyfriend?"

She rejected this thought outrightly saying, "Nooooo! One has to be at least five years older than me though I prefer 8 years older and above." 

Others went on to appreciate her beauty leading her to detail the type of man she is looking for, in case she decides to date ever again.

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