Natalie Tewa comes clean on rumour she's dating hunky Rwandese man

ā€¢ The Kenyan content creator has been spotted in Rwanda a few times now sparking the dating claims.

A few days ago, a man dancing in a video with Natalie Tewa sparked dating rumours. Her fans noted how they appeared to have chemistry between them.

Natalie was in Rwanda, a destination she has been frequently jetting off to, as a travel blogger. They did an Ig reel to the Kenyan dance challenge Dance ya Kudonjo, and her fans were thrilled at how well-synched they appeared.

In her latest YouTube video about that reel, Natalie sought to clarify rumours that the two are an item. He is called Franck Axel. He is quite hunky and Kenya girls have flocked to his social media to remark there.

She explained what led to the two of them doing the video for the TikTok dance challenge that got tongues wagging.

They had been shooting brand content and took a short break. Natalie insisted that she is in Rwanda only as a lifestyle influencer.

"I'm here now at ADV, I'm waiting for the videographer so we can shoot. Because the light is looking beautiful, honestly I hope it doesn't rain."


"So there's actually like an event after this like Strictly Soul, , it's like these guys have been going around Africa and they have been doing like only soul and RnB music and that's my vibe."

"So as soon as I heard they were in Rwanda, I was like no way, perfect timing, so that's why I'm here, I'm shooting here for Tanqueray and then we're gonna have the soul night as part of the content also."

She was also partnering with Kigali creators for what she called 'exciting projects'.

The two were shooting content she did not elaborate on. Later on, they then joked about her attempt to do the Rwandese women's traditional dance.

"Guys we just finished shooting, a lot of content, these guys are just so creative. oh my gosh that was fun. I made him do the dance ya majuu. Can you imagine and he was pretty good," she looks back at him and congratulates him.

He looks into the camera and says, "Nairobi get ready for me."


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