I love my women old- Boutross

• He would not mind being kept,but would not stay.

• He will be performing at Raha Fest being held Saturday, 30th March and Sunday 31st March.


Boutross in an interview with Mpasho got candid about his dating life, further shedding light on why he likes older women.

"I like people who I can have a conversation with, at least a conversation that can make sense."

Adding; "Maybe 35,36,37, hao unajua wamemature, remember that number girls."

Boutross when asked if he wouldn't mind being kept by a woman said;

"Mimi siwezi mind kuwekwa, but siwezi kaa."

See the whole interview below.

To be honest I do love Kenyan music especially the new genre Urbantone but I don't like the Kenyan music Business..... Boutross Munene BOLD And TRUE | Radio Africa's fastest and most exciting hub of Lifestyle and entertainment news.

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