Pritty Vishy reacts to trending TikTok couple W.W celebrating their fame

• Whitney says she has nothing to fear for being pregnant at 19 as her boyfriend is supportive.

• The couple's videos have more than 1.3 million likes on Youtube.

TikTok couple Warren and Whitney

Content Creator Pritty Vishy has weighed in on the trending couple Whitenye and Warren.

If you are in the dark the couple call themselves W.W on TikTok.

Through their platform, they have been highlighting their pregnancy journey despite Whitney being 19 and a student for that matter.

In one of their videos, they put their parents on loudspeaker as they break down the news of their pregnancy.

This content has elicited mixed reactions.

 Pritty Vishy now says Whitney should take things easy and see how they will turn out.

"I have seen this young couple and to be honest, the girl (Whiteney) is just funny because girl how will you judge sinners (abortion) while you too are a sinner? Make it make sense, Girl just relax the ladies who are advising you about the pregnancy si ati wanamean utoe, no some are just trying to explain to you how being a young mum is not easy.Anyway, adi adi kanasema vile she's happy for herself because she is trending Awuoroe, anyway..."

In one of the videos that has so far garnered more than 1.2 million views, Whitney states she is an adult who is capable of taking care of a child.

Adding that her man is 100% supportive.

Below are some of the reactions to Vishy's sentiments

eddy_mswazi: Most of y’all mkiresearch vizuri you or your siblings are as a result of early pregnancy. Nobody is a saint to judge another. Timing ni Mungu hupanga.

kaytone_photography__kenya : For once pretty vishy is making some sense 😂

chelsea_otakwa : She's definitely right.... Y'all just don't get it.

bestboywao: Mtu mzima relationship ilimshida anaadvise watoto.

lma._ivy: ..:.kama yako haikuwork haimaanishi ya mwingine haiwezi work😂😂

mindy.minusss: Enough with shaming the girls who choose abortion. It's a free world, it's their bodies, and people have reasons. As for the couple... let's give them a few years😂😂 they'll tell us the story and please stop glorifying teenage pregnancies . Build a life first, huyo jamaa unatetea hapo atakuonyesha tornado hata si vumbi.

ivixdkioi: Wachaneni na huyo galdem.They’re already expecting, afanye nini sasa?

_.medah_ @prittyvishy:  is making sense...I gat a girl who also got pregnant at 19 yees the guy was supportive and everything but bro you can't be supportive and you don't have a way of survival tfff...not that anafaa kutoa no but yk...there are so many things to come after the pregnancy....we ain't judging but we'll pray that things go well for them

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