Pritty Vishy devastated after mom's accident

• Vishy's mother was driving a white van to her house when she was involved in an accident at an unknown location.

Pritty Vishy
Image: Instagram

Content producer Purity Vishenwa aka Pritty Vishy remains a worried woman after her mother who recently returned to Kenya from Saudi Arabia was involved in a road accident.

Vishy's mother was driving a white van to her house when she was involved in an accident at an unknown location.

According to Pritty Vishy, ​​her mother's car landed in a ditch after the brakes failed. "What happened, his brakes started to bother her and that's how she lost direction and found herself in a hole," Vishy said via Instagram.

She added, "But at least he's getting better mentally because he hasn't been well," The 22-year-old beauty attached her statement with a video of her mother's car that had an accident being placed on a truck for transportation.

While sharing more details of the accident, the ex-girlfriend of singer Simple Boy gave an account of how things happened before the terrible incident.

"So I called my mother and told her to come to me (Thursday) because I wanted her to take me to a place the next day (Friday) and she agreed to come but she came early.

But she was busy all day and we changed the plan for him to come on Thursday because he was busy so he should come on Friday morning.

So around four o'clock at night she called me and decided that she had decided to leave that day because she didn't want to delay me the next day and I said it was fine," Vishy said.

She continued, "I waited for him for about two hours and I had to call to find out where he had arrived because I was surprised that he arrived within 30 minutes. She did not pick up her phone but I continued to call, not knowing when he was not picking up he was struggling to get out of the car."

Vishy revealed that her mother was finally able to receive the call after she got out of the car and informed her that she had met with an accident

"Finally he took it and was crying saying he was involved in an accident. I went to the scene quickly. Fortunately, he was not seriously injured," she said.

Pritty Vishy's mother returned to Kenya in October last year after working in Saudi Arabia for about five years.

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