'I am not lacking love' Pritty Vishy tells men hitting on her


• Vishy is ex-girlfriend to Kenyan rapper Stevo Simple Boy.

•It is not clear whether she is currently dating or not.

Pritty Vishy
Image: Instagram

Kenyan content creator Pritty Vishy has gone to tell men sliding into her DMs because 'they feel like she lacks love for herself' to at least bring their love along with money.

Through her Insta Stories, Vishy addressed men calling her and texting her after her recent interview to leave her alone explaining that she doesn't lack love for herself adding that the only thing she lacks is money.

Pritty further advised that she is only open to accepting the love that comes with financial stability.

"To all men who are calling and texting me because they feel like I lack love because of my dad(both biological and stepdad)and what I said in Obinna's interview …

My brothers just leave me alone the only thing am lacking is money… don't come to my dm if you are offering to give me love alone…

if you wanna give me that love make sure you have money too…mkiona hii glow up mnadhani ni makaratasi ndo inanifanya ni glow?" Pritty Vishy wrote.

Earlier, in an interview with Oga Obinna, Pritty Vishy opened up about her challenging childhood where she remembers facing rejection as well as her experience with the father figures in her life.

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