Pritty Vishy talks on facing rejection, being body shamed


•The 22-year-old recounted feeling isolated during childhood due to being overweight.

• She has also been a victim of cyber bullying.

Pritty Vishy
Image: Instagram

Digital content creator, and brand influencer, Purity Vishenwa popularly known as Pritty Vishy has recently left netizens with mixed feelings after she advertently divulged about the tragedies that she has gone through growing up.

In the past, the content creator had opened up about the challenges she endured with her stepfather but never in depth about her biological father's acts on her.

In an interview with OGA Obinna the aspiring musician got candid about her challenging childhood where she remembers facing rejection as well as her experience with the father figures in her life. 

The 22-year-old recounted feeling isolated during childhood due to being overweight explaining that she would sit on the floor at school because none of her classmates wanted to sit with her, leading to a lack of friends and ongoing feelings of rejection.

I used to sit down on the floor at the back of the class while others sat down on desks at school because I was fat. No kid wanted to sit with me.

Neighbors' kids did not want to play with me. I used to isolate myself. Till now I do not have friends because I feel undeserving. I have faced so much rejection.”

Pritty further disclosed that her stepfather allegedly sexually abused her when she was in class three. And that she did not take any action because he threatened her.

“I did nothing because he threatened to kill me if I told my mom. And as a kid, I used to cry because I was scared,” a tearful Vishy stated,

Digital content creator Pritty Vishy
Image: Instagram

Vishy also got candid about how she views herself physically highlighting that she knows she is not desirable or beautiful to look at, something that hurts deeply as illustrated by her emotional tears.

" I'm ugly! Why should the guy leave his girlfriend and come to me? What do I have to offer? Me I am ugly," Vishy said leaving too stunned to speak.

Despite her stepfather never apologizing for the alleged  sexual abuse she endured, Pritty maintains contact with him.


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