Butita and Sadia reunite and excite fans with beautiful messages to each other

• The two have been romantically linked for the better part of a year.

Sadia and Eddie Butita
Image: Courtesy

Eddie Butia's birthday has created quite an opportunity for his popular friends to cheekily troll him about turning a year older.

The content creator-cum-comedian a few days ago celebrated his birthday and from Abel Mutua to Njugush among others, all took the opportunity to hilariously mock him but wished him well.

Butita's ex-girlfriend Sadia has excited her fans after penning a heartwarming message to him.

"Happy Birthday to the most amazing human. You have taught me a lot and I’m really grateful to be a part of you. I’m so proud of how far you’ve come. Cheers to many more laughs and beautiful moments," adding heart emojis to complete her note.

Buttita received it warmly, appreciating her thought.

In a separate video showing her wonderful time in Lisbon, Sadia showed she was in an airport in Amsterdam much later preparing to head to Kenya, "Let's get my nails and hair done. I'm on my way," she tagged the salon in Kenya.

Then she followed up with an arrival moment at JKIA tagging Butita and showing a bouquet of flowers he had bought her.

He protested how many bags she had carried, "Lakini Sadia si ulienda na bag moja, sasa hizi zote ni za nini?" he questioned her habit as she responded, "I love shopping please."

He then demanded to know what she brought him, "Shopping zangu sasa ziko wapi?" as she pointed somewhere else 

They went out to a local popular club in Nairobi where banners welcoming her were displayed as drinks flowed.

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