Eddie Butita reveals how Abel's Mutua 3000 tickets show sold out weeks before the event

Piece by: ZENNA ISSA

•Eddie is a comedian, actor, scriptwriter, theatre director, emcee, theatre producer, founder and CEO of SPMbuzz, SPMafrica, SPMafricastudios and businessman

Eddie Butita.
Image: Instagram

In an interview, Eddie Butita bragged about how he was the man who helped  Abel Mutua famously known as Mkurugenzi sell all his show tickets.

The  Spmbuzz founder added that the best way to sell out tickets is to get help from friends in order to build up their brand and that was exactly what he did for his good friend.

Eddie said that it was because of his endless efforts that made the Jyuuce Party sell over 3000 tickets.

He elaborated that he used to post label posters after Abel only sold 120 tickets on the first day and requested help.

The comedy director taking all the credit for the show said that he sold 800 tickets on the first day immediately after Abel approached him.

"Siri ni kuwa na marafiki kama mimi. vile Abel alisema guys I have a show alafu ikauza ticket 120 akaniambia nikaiwekelea akauza ticket ka800 hiyo siku,nikaeiwekelea tena ikaingia 1500."

Eddie said that the secret to having the best shows is to have a good support system from your friends and that's what exactly he did for Abel.

"Have a good support system, have friends that work together, You know we support each other when its Jyuuce Party tunafunga vitu zote tunaenda Jyuuce Party data mimi nafunga sifanyi kitu yoyote nafocus na Jyuuce party.when it is  TTLT tunafocus, tunasimamisha mavitu its TTLT"

The comedy director further joked that the only thing they can do when not supporting their friend's show is to buy a car other than that he is fully supporting the show.

"The only thing tunafanya ni kubuy magari show ikiendelea kupangwa, but the secret is to have a strong support system from your friends, and colleagues and also treat your fans well and engage with them."

The comedian finished by praising Abel for the way he treats his fans.

"The way Abel treats his fans is out of this world."

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