Cheeky Butita cutely responds after Georgina Njenga's 'handsome' comment

• Eddie is thrilled someone is giving him his roses.

butita courtesy instagram
butita courtesy instagram

Eddie Butita is rather thrilled that a major celebrity thinks he is handsome owing to his darkly handsome face.

That major celebrity is content creator Georgina Njenga, who in a quick-fire segment with Flossytrukid, admitted that she thinks Butita is handsome.

Georgina got all shy when asked to name the top five most handsome men.

"Does it have to be a TikToker or can I say Instagrammers??" Truki said it could be anyone, and she answered "Trukid and Butita".

Butita took to her comment section on her Instagram to show how thrilled he was at finally being recognized for his good looks.

"Hapana!! Madem msikue mnasema tu mnanipenda na inaishia hapo, nikuleni please."

The interview was conducted a day ago while she was with her fashion stylist and make up artiste. Georgina was also asked about her body count and what it would buy her

"My body count? It would buy me a sweet ..PK everyone who talks about their body count says three. Yangu per week we start afresh," she cheekily added.

Trukid also wanted to know how much she expects her man to earn if she is paid sh2k

"If I'm earning 2k, he shoudl be earning 100k, 200k, 300k."

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