Boutross-I can't date a broke girl

• Back in January this year, the singer had told Oga Obinna that he prefers older women. 

Image: Instagram

'Shrap' rapper Boutross Munene is an artiste who is here to stay and recently performed in Uganda at the Nyege Nyege festival where his music was well received.

The musician is rather outspoken about issues and during a recent interview with Plugtv, the entertainer was asked his view about dating broke women. He was rather adamant that he would never.

"A girl will tell you I can't date a broke man, yet she is broke herself?" he questioned.

This is often an opinion expressed by many Kenyan men who take offense that women constantly refer to them as broke, choosing to date older monied men.

Boutross believes women should put in as much as men do in relationships

"A girl says I can't date a broke man, then she comes to eat my hard-earned money? Let me look for a woman with priorities the same as me. There are people who like that, I prefer something else."

Mi sitaki kuoa dame amesota. Kuchapa kulea nini?  I mean Bro as a man you have to provide. You have to be the King to make your Queen happy. At the same time, that Queen too should bring in something. Si kila time unakuanga brokekingi hivi, ati siezi date msee broke, we mwenyewe ni broke," he slammed such perceptions.

The 'Angela' singer added that while he has nothing against broke women, he is just focused on building an empire with a woman of the same capacity.

"To each his own. Me I don't like that, I like a woman with initiative, who is doing her thing, nitamchagfua mbaya. I like independent women who think for themselves."

Back in January this year, Boutross told Oga Obinna that he prefers older women. 

"Me I prefer big older women, not older ati ile ya 30, 45 no no no."

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