Chose your struggle wisely - Georgina Njenga says about married or single life

• Georgina is single

• She broke up with Tyler Mbaya earlier this year

georgina njenga courtesy instagram
georgina njenga courtesy instagram

Someone is already making Geogina Njenga smile again.

But the mother of one has also left her relationship status open to the interpretation of Kenyans.

In a video via her socials she hinted that she is waiting for her 'Mr Right'

 "Can someone tell my rocky to get it together so we can do this trend.

My God when will I learn" the content creator asked smiling on her tiktok channel where she shares most of her relationship opinions.

Her fans were amazed at how fast she's moved on and she too responded

"The comments section is so funny"

That's according to a confessions he made on her tiktok channel among other revelations.

Georgina is now a single mother of one and calling it her new era. she took to her Instagram to engage with fans on questions they may have for her.

"Between married life and single life which one dd u prefer"  read the question from one fan.

Georgina answered

"Zote ziko na disadvantages chose your struggle wisely" she laughed at her answer.

"Would you ever get married again or give birth again?"

Georgina was open to marriage but adamant about more children

"Marry you never know with life" she assured after rethinking her answer.

In July this year, Georgina confirmed her breakup from boyfriend Tyler Mbaya aka Baha of Machachari.

The news was from a question from a fan that prompted Georgina to confirm they split, and she was already in a new relationship.

 "We broke up. I am in a new relationship with a new man. This is a different type of love. I never knew such love existed before, to be honest. I am in a good place.”

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