Justina Syokau reveals the advantages a billionaire would get marrying her

• All brides love gifts, and for the singer, her gift must be a private chopper. The singer is ready to submit to her man fully, plus he also gains her voluptuous assets.

Justina Syokau has a month and a half to find a husband in order to fulfill the dream she prophesied in her song 'Mwaka wa kupanuliwa'.

The Kamba singer was in a video seen holding a placard in the streets of Nairobi advertising for a billionaire husband before the end of the year.

"Niko soko ready to get married before 2024."

But that requirement comes with stiff conditions for the type of man she is looking for.

"The first thing is you put on a finger a Diamond ring from Congo. It should cost five million shillings."

The man must be monied, "I want a billionaire. Dowry payment is in Machakos my home, You must pay two billion."

This led to the third condition for her man.

"The third thing is my wedding should be in Dubai. In Dubai, we will hold our wedding on a yacht. Then after that, you must fly me to the reception venue in a chopper. I am tired of traveling with cars, I want my mode of transport from now on to be in choppers."

All brides love gifts, and for Justina, her gift must be a private chopper. The singer is ready to submit to her man fully, plus he also gains her voluptuous assets.

"I will cook for you, if it's a shape, you know I have it, I will dedicate myself to you I have a big heart, yaani I'm so much ready," she shouted loudly as a crowd gathered curiously wondering what was happening.

Men in the background can be heard protesting and telling her off for her high standards.

"I will give you all the love you need. Nowadays I feel so cold going naskia kama kifua yangu inaingia baridi. Yaani I want a blanket that does what? 2023." she shook what her mama gave her.

The song's title 'Mwaka wa Kupanuliwa' has been misused by Kenyans to cheekily mean something naughty. 

But in the song, Syokau gives hope to those who want to take heart telling them that the coming year will be a great success for everyone who believes and commits.

Syokau goes on to say that the next year will be blessed and more of an extension of the success of Kenyans.

“2023 ni mwaka wa mavuno, ni mwaka wa kupanuliwa. 2023 mimi nitachukua hatamu, utakuwa ni mwaka wa mapato…” (2023 is the year of harvest, it is the year of expansion. 2023 I will take over, it will be a year of income)

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