I have never ever thought of dating someone's hubby!-Justina Syokau mourns

• The artist has been seen to change his stance on love, several months after appearing openly admitting her love for Ringtone.

Justina Syokau
Image: Instagram

Justina Syokau has cried to unnamed people who do not want to give her work for fear that she may go to their work and steal their men.

In a video that she made and uploaded on her TikTok, Justina cried saying that her life is stuck because of not finding work to do through her music.

The '2020' artist said that many have been denying her work at their events and concerts since she lied that he had undergone hip augmentation surgery.

Syokau reassured them that she has never and cannot take someone's husband while saying that she does not need to marry again because she was hurt badly in her previous marriage.

"I have never even thought of dating someone's husband, even I myself have no desire for love and my friends who know me will tell you that I am no longer engaged in marriage, I was hurt by my marriage a lot. I was hurt a lot and I can't go for another marriage. Even if someone insults me, I even block them," she added.

The artist has been seen to change his stance on love, several months after she appeared openly confessing her love for the controversial gospel artist, Ringtone Apoko.

When Justina put on fake hips, she said that she did it as a way to attract men to seduce her and marry her.

In her revelation in the ten-minute video, Syokau has been seen to erase many things including her music which she has called humour.

What she wants now, and what she emphasized is to find a job so that her affairs can return to a great place after being in a ditch in recent months, saying that even her son is also sick and needs health care - which also needs funding.

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