Justina has an unusual way of handling her needs

How Justina Syokau is handling 10 years of celibacy

• Justina left her husband ten years ago

• She has been celibate according to her account

justina courtesy instagram
justina courtesy instagram

Gospel artiste Justina Syokau now says she has been celibate for a decade (10 years).

Although she is divorced and speaks often about the breakdown of her marriage, she has not lost hope.

"There is no day you will hear me say that you should leave your marriage. God ordains marriage. As long as there is love and respect"

is a major proponent of marriage.

Speaking to a host of bloggers on Tuesday, Oct 17, Justina made fun of her situation.

She says this has landed her in the crosshairs of Kenyans who feel the topic is taboo.

"I have been alone for ten years. I can tell you it's not easy standing outside and you have the shape and everything"

How does she ensure she does not break her vow of celibacy?

"I'm just busy When I get home I have things to do, In the morning I'm supposed to be in an office by 7, I don't have a life. I make sure I'm busy for me to forget that thing"

She shared a tip.

"But there are times when I feel the urge and your body tells you to changamka, Justina wake up! 1" she laughs adding

"There are those days you feel oh my God then you can't call someone and tell them to let's go out. Also, you can't ask strangers online, even our fans because you don't know their intentions. Maybe they want to expose you"

Justina's fear of intimate photos being leaked is also another motivation to stay celibate.

"It's a lot of things, when you are an artiste everybody is an enemy you don't know who is who, even fellow artists can plot against you"

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