Bernice responds to Kenyans concerns about feud with Karen and if she is dating Samidoh

Bernice Saroni addresses feud with Karen Nyamu, and Samidoh dating rumors

  Bernice says she would never date a married man

She laughed at Karen Nyamu beef rumors

US-based Kenyan music promoter Bernice Saroni
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Bernice Saroni has addressed rumors that she is dating mugithi singer Samidoh.

She also addressed allegations that she has beef with his baby mama Karen Nyamu.

Speaking at the Obinna TV show on Tuesday, Oct 24, Bernice denied dating Samidoh.

"We are family, Samidoh is married. I don't date married men, and I don't date family. It's a taboo," she brushed off rumors.

She was alleged to have hosted Samidoh in her US home leading citizens to believe they were dating.

"You know Kenyans name come kujua they are very do I even call that..I think Kenya side chick ni wengi sana, and I think huku people don't value relationships. So the moment they just see a lady and a man they believe what they want to believe.

People don't know that people do business, and when Samidoh came to the US, he was a musician, it was work, so I had a house for him. I have a 4 bedroom house, there is no way I can move my kids, and he had his drummer so he had his own house an Airbnb, why would he sleep in my house, That the mentality of Kenyans"

Beef with Karen?

"I don't have beef with her, sipendi side chick, why would I have problems with her, mimi si bibi ya samidoh. "

However when Obinna asked her again

"So there's no beef with you and Karen?"

Bernice paused then burst out laughing,

"I do not have a comment about that"

Her relationship with Edday is great

"Eddith is my sister, when Edith came to the US, Samidoh posted on his page ama hamkuona hio, the husband posted the family is going on vacation, where did I come in into hat?"

Rumor was that she arranged for Edday to relocate to the US secretly without Samidoh knowing

"So how would I tell Edith awachane na marriage yake??"

So is the marriage still there?

"That's not my story, that's Edith' story and Samidoh, "She however acknowledges they are good friends supportive of one another.

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