'Ghai wameanza kufanana!' Samidoh and Karen Nyamu told after viral video

• Being happy and happy, Samidoh was singing Karen Nyamu's TBT song by the Longombaz group, Vuta Pumz

Karen Nyamu and Samidoh
Image: Twitter

Nominated senator Karen Nyamu is no longer hiding her love for the father of her children, Samidoh, as she has been uploading photos and videos together enjoying life with a big golden spoon.

On Wednesday evening, Nyamu uploaded a video on her Instagram Stories of them exploring one of Kenya's wildlife sanctuaries.

Being happy and happy, Samidoh was singing a TBT song by the Longombaz group, Vuta Pumzi.

"Guys, listen to me, listen to me, there are beautiful women with bre@sts and thighs and white and they are beautiful..."

Watch the video below;

Samidoh sang part of Longombaz's lines while Nyamu put on a shy face. However, some Kenyans felt that the love between the two has grown to such an extent that they have reached the point of similarity.

“Ghai mpaka wameanza kufanana wallahi,” one said.

“Hawa were meant for each other, love wins” Christine Anyango added.

“Choose what makes you happy..Love wins always,” Philipa Ngila.

Nyamu and her lover have been seen together a few days after she made it clear that she had an affair with Samidoh despite knowing that he already had a first wife-Edday Nderitu and said that she had not broken the law.

The senator said this during an interview on NTV where she said that the issue of a man marrying more than one woman is in the constitution and she has not broken the law.

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