The Mwangi's have some rather juicy details about each other

Milly Chebby practiced celibacy while dating Terence Creative

• The two spoke about submitting or dominating. .

The MWangis: Terence and Milly courtesy Instagram
The MWangis: Terence and Milly courtesy Instagram

Terence Creative and his wife Milly Chebby are back with another episode of Q&A with your partner. The couple leaked many juicy details about their private life including intimacy. She told him she likes it once a week, and he prefers four times a week.

The two spoke about submitting or dominating. Terence revealed "sometimes I like being dominated" he told Milly.

She loks at him and he adds, "I like to submit. Kama ni usembe basi umekuwa mzembe siku nyingi."

She expresses surprise saying "ngai". They speak more and he hints that they need to work out how often things should go down including kifo cha mende.

The q&A led to many disclosures which we wont go into but at one point Milly did disclose that she was celibate for almost two years before meeting Terence.

She met him and did not want immediate intimacy, "I stayed for a while before. Actually I had stayed two years without. Do you remember that? One year, 11 months."

She tried avoiding this discussion with Terence as they dated.

"Unajua mtu akisema unakufa nayo ni hivo hivo," she declared.

"So actually when we were dating I was so scared of you coming to my house. " Laughing "Because I knew ...anyway here we are ten years later," she giggled.

A week ago, Terence reminisced the day he proposed to Milly on the streets of Nairobi.

"Watu hutoka mahali ….Slide 1 .. nilifunga barabara mzima nikapropose sikuwa na budget ni neema ya Mungu na connection," he captioned a picture on his knees with a ring.

He went to her family with Sh23,000 as dowry for the traditional wedding. Milly responded to his confession saying

"I qualify for hardship allowance😂😂😂 I thank God for the far he has brought us 🙏🏾Hadi kiama babe @terencecreative."

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