Anerlisa- I have been celibate for seven months

Anerlisa says in the past, she always thought everyone she dated was genuine.

• Anerlisa downplayed the effect celibacy has had on her.

• She has been celibate for seven months.

Anerlisa Muigai
Image: Instagram

Keroche heiress Anerlisa Muigai says she has been celibate for the past seven months.

In an Instagram post on Thursday evening, Anerlisa downplayed the effect this has had on her.

"I have gone seven months without sex and I am still going strong.

I feel better, and my perspective on everything has changed." She said

Anerlisa jumped into a new relationship after divorcing Tanzanian singer Ben Pol in 2021.

She has publicly been talking about her new bae, Melvin Ibrahim, whom she describes as

"One who won my heart".

Anerlisa also told Word Is that in the past, she always thought everyone she dated was genuine.

"That made me not see the clear picture," he said.

She and Ben Pol got married in March 2020, before Ben Pol filed for divorce in 2021.

Celibacy is a voluntary vow of abstaining from sexual relations.

Celibacy can look different for each person, so there’s no single way to practice it since some people abstain from all sexual activities while others engage in things like outercourse.

Celibacy is mainly associated with religion but there are several reasons why people choose to remain that way like, waiting to find the right partner, getting over a breakup, and supporting personal values just to mention a few.

Practicing it has several positive impacts on a person.

It has many advantages, that can help avoid both the emotional and physiological concerns associated with sexual intercourse with unfamiliar partners.

It also broadens spiritual well-being and can help strengthen one’s connection with God.

In addition, celibacy can enhance character traits like restraint, patience, and self-compassion.

The act of remaining celibate can help one to focus attention on other areas in life, and not be as consumed by thoughts of having sex.

It can also make getting to know a potential partner a bit easier if you do not have to constantly worry about the pressure of when is the right time to introduce sex into the mix.

Celibacy can also help one save money because they don’t need to worry about using protection.

This means avoiding purchases such as condoms, birth control, or other contraceptives. It additionally removes the possibility of unplanned pregnancies and lessens subjection to sexually transmitted diseases.

Period of celibacy can also help a guy's dating life by teaching him how to see others as people first, and sexual beings second meaning that, it helps redefine how a person sees things.

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