Nyako and Chira Tuesday night spoke about their feud

'If I take medication and alcohol, my heart will stop pumping,' Nyako chillingly tells Chira

• He apologized profusely once again.

Nyako and Brian Chira
Image: courtesy

Tiktoker Pilot Nyako has advised Brian Chira to quit alcohol, expressing concern for his health. An upset Nyako warned Chira once again of the serious consequences of alcoholism considering he takes medication for HIV.

Brian had in an exclusive interview with Mpasho this year confessed he is HIV positive.

The two have called a truce on their beef that stemmed from Chira's online antics that have upset Kenyans.

In a 33-minute session on Tuesday, Oct 3rd evening, Nyako begged Chira to reconsider his actions. He apologized to her and promised to change.

"Pombe nimepunguza," he told her. "At least we tried," Nyako shouts at Chira.

"There is no way you are mixing drugs and alcohol. I've told you severally there is no way you are gonna mix alcohol and medication, it doesn't go.

You either chose 1. Choose alcohol, wachana na madawa, coz you are killing yourself, so fast. Wachana na madawa, leave them alone. Kunywa pomba, You are not a ten-year-old to be told don't take alcohol, concentrate on your medication," she assures.

She then added,

"I'm also on medication, I drink water, nakufa hapa na maji, not because I like it, no, but my health demands me to stick to water. Drink water. If I take medication and alcohol, my heart is gonna stop pumping, it is simple."

Normally when Nyako holds her live sessions on TikTok, she is always drinking water. This would explain her advice to Chira, who was listening keenly and begged her to, "Give me the last chance."

Nyako proceeded to document how many times she had called him personally to speak to him about his problems. She told him she cared about his well-being but he was proving difficult.

Nyako added that so many of his supporters are upset with him reminding him of the massive financial contributions he had received from concerned Kenyans.

Kenyans in that live session also accused him of triggering Nyako to shout and urged him to stop drinking.

The session finished with Chira promising not to talk ill of Nyako ever again. "I've realized my mistake, insulting Nyako, I don't look for content in this manner," he said in sincerity.

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