Kenyan celebrities that are good at chasing clout

Piece by: ZENNA ISSA

• Staying relevant on social media platforms is a thing celebrities do best but some go overboard with needing to stay relevant.

• Read below to know those celebrities.

Vera Sidika, Brian Chira, Tanasha Donna

Celebrities go to extreme measures to showcase their popularity to the world and brag that they are the best to other celebrities.

Some even decide to engage in street fights with other celebrities and then play the victim card when things go wrong to get more followers on their page.

Below are some of the celebrities who are good at clout chasing.

1) Tanasha Donna

Tanasha Donna
Image: Instagram

Tanasha Donna is an actress, former NRG radio presenter, model, entrepreneur and singer. Recently she gifted her son's grandmother Mama Dangote some flowers, perfume and cash on her birthday.

Although it may appear as an innocent act that can't be the reason for the sudden gifts. Most fans believe she did that just to spike some attention from the public which she effortlessly did. 

The small birthday gifts ignited a heated debate on whether she wants to return to the Dangote mansion and chase Zuchu away.

Whether she had a motive for gifting her we will keep you updated but she sure brought media attention to herself.

2) Brian Chira

Brian Chira
Image: Instagram

Brian Chira is a famous Tiktoker known for the wrong reasons. If he isn't in a fight with a celebrity because of defaming them then he's definitely showcasing his immorality on social media.

Chira has recently been trending after he insulted his rent payer Nyako and refused to take back any of the hurtful words he said about her. 

There's a Swahili saying that says "Kizuru cha jiuza, kibaya cha jitembeza." true to the Swahili saying Chira is going around showcasing his bad behaviours.

One can even conclude that he's made it his personal mission to try and be among the trending searches each week.

3) Vera Sidika

Vera Sidika
Image: Instagram

Vera has been continuously trending after her break up with her ex-husband Brown Mauzo.

She started by telling fans that she only catches flights not feelings and recently started showcasing her luscious behind on the streets of Hollywood. 

This whole week she's been trending and even reached the number one most searched person on Twitter.

Vera occasionally pull stunts on her fans and followers for attention. 

4) Cassypool

Kevin Odhiambo Onyango popularly known as Dr Cassypool
Image: courtesy

Dr. Cassypool is better known as the father of clout chasing. whenever he speaks you'll know that he wants to either attack, insult, or praise himself for his amazing efforts at doing absolutely nothing.

He is famous for picking on celebrities he thinks he is better than them and also opposition leaders. 

Recently he showcased his hate for Eric Omondi and Wajakoya at a press briefing at the Kenya National Theater. Other than attacking the two he further threatened gospel musician Bunny Asila.

5) Ringtone

Image: Instagram/Ringtone.

Wherever Cassypool is talking, Ringtone will always be there to spike more hate to his rival. Ringtone is famous for his hurtful and irrelevant comments about other people's success.

Some may say that he is just bitter that they are doing better than him but the musician justifies himself claiming he's stating the hidden truth.

He's been away from public attention until recently when he and Cassypool went after gospel musician Bunny Asila. 


Image: Instagram

Bahati was seen smoking to advertise his upcoming song. That incident not only increased his popularity but also gained negative feedback from the public.

Most fans saw it as a bad way to advertise his music but since he likes to do extra things just to promote himself his music didn't give him the much-needed attention he was expecting.

7) Willy Paul 

The Saldido President is always in the headlines. Pozee is notorious at chasing-clout whenever he wants to promote  a new song.

He started way back when he told his fans that he had married Jamaican star Alaine Singa. He later lied about dating Jovial, Keki Mbili and Miss P just to promote his music. 

8) Otile Brown

Otile Brown
Image: Instagram

We couldn't lose the list without mentioning the coastal musician. Otile Brown once stated that if his next album will flop he was threatening to quit music.

This was another failed attempt at the musician, some fans went on and commented that they were used to his "hot air" threats if he wanted to quit music he should do it they don't care what he wants to do with his career or life.

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