Mama Olive and her baby daddy dated for 7 years before finally splitting up

I saw it coming- Mama Olive opens up on her split with baby daddy

• Mama Olive and property guru Wayne Mutiso dated for 7 years before finally calling it quits

• The two have 3 kids together

Digital content creator and photograapher Tatiana Karanja aka Mama Olive

 Digital content creator Tatiana Karanja popularly known as Mama Olive already knew her 7 year was about to end.

The fitness enthusiast and award winning photographer was married to property guru Wayne Mutiso had come to an end long before they split up.

The mother of 3 noted when they finally did call it quits her heart didn't break as she had foreseen the split

"I definitely saw it coming at the point where we ended things, we had been going through things for the past seven years. I saw it coming... I had been through heartbreak in this relationship and the time that it happened my body was so ready that I didn't go through heartbreak," said the mother of during a candid interview with Lynn  Ngugi.

Luckily, time has been kind to her and "her wound" and Tatiana notes she is currently happy with life. 

"I am happy with where I am today and I am just doing the best that I can for my kids,"

On co-parenting and whether Wayne pays child support for their 3 girls, Tatiana disclosed that sadly the businessman was an absent dad.

However, she added that his family does help out.

She added that even though she is a very hands on mom sometimes she does feel the weight of not having a helping pair of hands.

Mama Olive with her 3 daughters.
Image: Instagram

"Unfortunately there is no support from the father of my kids, there is so much support coming from my family and his family though. My dad is literally there every day for my kids.

Generally I am happy and fine but there are those moments when I am sick, three kids are sick and that person who is supposed to help me, is not there," the digital content creator said.

On the one thing she'd change, Tatiana opened up on how she wished her girls would get to experience time with their dad. She sadly revealed that their first born daughter terribly misses her dad as unlike the younger ones she was used to him being present before the split.

"My kids haven't really had much communication with their dad and I wish it could be different, especially the eldest one Olive, she misses their dad," emotionally said the award winning photographer.

She slowly added that the second born has her moments were she asks about her dad insistently but luckily she is still at an age where she doesn't understand the dynamics of a breakup unlike the first born.

"Imani my four year old has her moments but she doesn't really understand as much as Olive and Luckily Nova was born when their dad wasn't around she doesn't know any different. It's been tough and I am just doing my best to keep them confident and just to let them know they are loved," said Tatiana.

Tatiana Karanja confirmed her breakup with the father of her 3 kids, Wayne Mutiso early last year after 7 years of dating and creating content together.

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