Mama Olive discloses her biggest fear raising her 3 girls as a single mom

The mom of 3 has expressed fear about her kids safety

• The mom of three has become well-known for her popular lifestyle content online.

• Mama Olive and her bae broke up earlier this year after 7 years of dating.

Mama Olive with her 3 daughters.
Image: Instagram

Digital content creator and award winning photographer Tatiana Karanja aka Mama Olive is sharing one of her biggest fears as a single mother.

Tatiana confirmed her breakup with the father of her 3 kids, Mr. Wayne Mutiso earlier this year after close to 7 years of dating. And it seems being alone does sometimes take a toll on the ever cheerful content creator.

Taking to her Instagram stories, Tatiana asked fellow single moms who interact with her content to share their biggest fears raising kids on their own.

Before sharing feedback, she went ahead to highlight one of her biggest ones….Her kids safety when she wasn’t around.

“One of mine is being in this home alone with the girls and something going wrong with me or there is some sort of break in or whatever it is and they are alone.” the first part of Mama Olive’s post read.

Mama Olive with her 3 daughters.
Image: Instagram

The mother of three went on to to add that that fear madly cripples her sometimes. But honestly, I’m not even a mom and I get it. Especially the fact that her kids are under 10 years.

She added that in a bid to ease her nerves she’d been working on taking precautions to ensure that her little babies would be okay if such a time ever comes.

“This is such an incredibly big fear of mine,” cried Tatiana.

The content creator added, “However, I’ve taken some precautions to help me feel better about this as well as to make sure we are protected!”

Earlier this year, after confirming split from Wayne, Mama Olive talked about how doing a job designed for two people was draining.

Especially because at that point in time she was still expectant with Marley and she had the two girls to take care of.

"Fatigue is real! You're doing alone what was designed to be a two-person job. I personally am constantly feeling physically,emotionally, and spiritually worn out," wrote the photographer.

She also added that sometimes she feels guilt because her kids were not growing up in a conventional household with two parents

“The worst guilt is wondering if I've messed my kids up because they are not growing up in normal household with 2 loving parents.”

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