Jalang'o mourning mega-talented Papa Shirandula and Inspekta Mwala director

Piece by: ZENNA ISSA

• The famous TV producer was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital.

Image: Instagram

Lang'ata Mp  Phelix Odiwuor aka Jalang'o has mourned the death of producer Kibwana Onguso who died today.

The famous TV director was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital. At the time of Kibwana's death, he was 59 years old and left behind a son.

The iconic media personality was known for his amazing shows like Tausi, Papa Shirandula, Tahamaki, Nyundo Utosin, Kisulisuli, and Inspekta Mwala.

The ex-Kiss FM presenter shared his deep sorry at the demise of his former producer back at Papa Shirandula.

In an Instagram statement, the politician wrote;

"Rest well Director! Kibwana Onguso! You gave me a chance to show my talent without borders! Kibwana Onguso! Director Papa Shirandula!Rest in Peace!"

Kibwa Onguso was discovered lying in his bed unconscious in his Lucky Summer home by his son. The efforts to save his life were futile and doctors pronounced at the hospital. 

Kibwana made a name for himself back in the 90s as the man behind popular TV shows being aired at KBC like Tausi, Tahamaki, and Kisulisuli. 

In the early 2000s, he produced Papa Shirandula and Inspekta Mwala while working at  Royal Media station Citizen.

When he left Citizen, he worked for K24 and Maisha Magic before deciding to do independent content production.

He has been hailed as a man who not only embodied professionalism but also mentored many modern-day TV producers. 

Some of the people he mentored in the entertainment field decided to pay their last respects to the legend by sending heartful messages to the family and posting him on their social media pages.

Below are some of the messages that were sent.

Wambúi Mbúrú: "Heartbreaking to say the least. My first ever Boss. A good, kind, and gentle man. A mentor. A father figure. A voice of calm. There is much I can say, but God knows." 

Owen Musoma Mbasiro: "This one has hit me hard. I have lost a cousin and a friend Kibwana Onguso. It's so painful."

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