Gospel singer Christina Shusho praises Diamond's controversial coffin entrance

• The stage had skeletons, coffins, and men dressed in black to create a thriller among fans.

Christina Shusho
Christina Shusho
Image: Instagram

Tanzanian gospel artist Christina Shusho has revealed that she sees nothing wrong with Diamond Platinumz's coffin entrance performance.

Christina who just arrived in Kenya made the revelation while speaking to online media at the airport.

As per a video shared by SPM Buzz, a presenter was heard narrating Diamond's recent antic on stage to Christina then proceeded to ask her for her opinion from a religious point of view.

"Speaking about the music industry in Tanzania, you are a gospel artist and I believe you have to be saved so as to write gospel music.

With that said, the other day over the weekend, we saw fellow Tanzanian artist Diamond Platnumz, he was dressed in weird clothing and he had a coffin on stage. He actually came from inside the coffin, what are your thoughts about whatever he did on stage?" the host asked.

Candidly responding to the question Christina admitted she hadn't seen the controversial performance but either way she had no issue with Diamond's form of self-expression.

Diamond Platnumz in a coffin
Diamond Platnumz in a coffin

The gospel artist defended Simba by highlighting creativity was all part of the industry.

"I was a little bit busy so I haven't followed up on that, I haven't seen it yet but one thing I know is that Tanzanian artists are so creative and I respect them so much.

They are very very creative so anything they do if it is creativity I fully accept and acknowledge creativity," the Tanzanian gospel artist casually responded.

Diamond Platnumz over the weekend thrilled fans during his performance where he was brought onto the stage inside a coffin. 

The singer then came out of the coffin when his first song started playing. He later took to social media to thank his fans for the support as he admitted that he was scared to have been in a coffin.

"Coming out from the Coffin was an insane Experience last night, was scared as f*ck in there! 👽."

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