5 celebs that have had the best concert entrances in history

Piece by: ZENNA ISSA

• Having the best stunt and grand entrances is a way to build your brand as a celebrity. Read along to know which celebrities have had the best entrances.

Grand stage entrance
Grand stage entrance

As times change celebrities are trying to outdo each other in their stage entrances.

Some have copied and modified the copied stunts and made them look better than the original stunt while there are others who perform a stunt and hit would record. 

Having the best stunt comes as a great pride to most celebrities as it would increase people watching their shows and excite people to attend their concerts.

 These Celebrities didn't disappoint with their entrances and have made it to be the best entrances in history. Read below to learn more about the celebrities and their iconic entrances.

1) Asake

Nigeria afrobeat musician topped the list with his icon entrance. The musician drew a lot of attention to him after he emerged in a helicopter with his famous song Olorun playing in the background.

The song gave his entrance a more dramatic effect making it more iconic. Some fans even went ahead and said that the entrance should receive a Guinness record as the best entrance.

Asake's entrance
Image: twitter

2) Diamond Platnumz

The second person to top the list is Tanzanian musician Diamond Platnumz. Although he copied the stunt from a Kenyan rapper he outdid himself and made it better than the original entrance.

Diamond appeared at the Wasafi festival inside a coffin and upon exit of the coffin he sang his icon song Baba Lao. True to his song he is Babalao in his amazing entrance.

Below are the images of his entrance.

3) Lady Gaga

Number three is Lady Gaga. She is known for her weird yet interesting clothing styles and entrance designs but none have been like his famous entrance at the 2011 Grammy Awards.

The musician arrived at the venue inside an egg, only coming out when she was supposed to perform. Below is an image of her entrance.

Lady Gaga inside an egg.
Lady Gaga Lady Gaga inside an egg.
Image: Frank Trapper/ Corbs/ Getty

4) T- Pain

He is a rapper one of his famous songs is Buy U a Drank(Shawty Snappin'). In 2008 the rapper made a grand appearance in red carpet events by appearing on top of a circus elephant. His entrances led to the rise of his name ' The elephant in the room.' 

Below is an image of his entrance.

T-Pain's red carpet entrance in 2008
T- Pain T-Pain's red carpet entrance in 2008
Image: Jeff Kravitz/ Film Magic

5) Beyonce

The famous wife to Jay Z had to appear on the list. She is known to be a great musician and always ensures she's in the spotlight whenever she is on stage.

The most famous of all her entrances is during the 20013 Video Music Award. She made a grand entrance by hanging from the ceiling with only some strings attached to her legs supporting her entire weight. Beyonce further went ahead and sang while she was upside down.

Below is an image of her entrance.

Beyonce's entrance at the 2003 Video Music Awards
Beyonce Beyonce's entrance at the 2003 Video Music Awards
Image: Jeff Kravitz \ Film Magic

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