Pastor calls off wedding after couple engages in intimacy before marriage

The woman insists she is still a virgin.

• The groom-to-be insists he and the bride to be have already been intimate.

• It is not clear what will happen to services that had been paid for including food vendors.

Malindi couple calls off wedding after learning couple was fornicating
Image: Instagram

A couple's plan to get married was cut short after the pastor called off the wedding at the last minute due to their fornication.

Most pastors discourage couples who want to get married in a white wedding to practice celibacy.

The Tana River couple who are members of the Evangelical Church were due to marry at King's Glory Church in Malindi on 12 August.

By the look of things, the couple had not agreed on what to say when they went for the couple's counseling.

Not knowing the repercussions of his confession, the man admitted to having had canal knowledge with his bae before they could officially get married.

The lady was adamant saying she is still a virgin who has never known any man sexually.

According to the Daily Nation, The disappointed pastor kicked the couple out of his office and called the intercession team to seek God's word on the matter.

After two hours of intense prayer, he called them back to his office and told them to separate and put the wedding plans on hold for the next 12 months, noting that this was God's instruction.

"So they were instructed to use the time to repent and pray, but also to make sure that they attend couples' counseling every Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday evening for that time," said Helida Kase, a prayer leader at the church.

The changes to the wedding have since been announced on the church's WhatsApp group, with the church administrator keeping a low profile.

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