Video: Nicah the Queen engaged after turning down 12 suitors

Nicah says she has received 12 local and international marriage proposals since Ofweneke split

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge


• Nicah The Queen is engaged to her boyfriend DJ Slahver.
• The gospel artiste has had many engagement offers after breakup from Dr Ofweneke.

She is off the market after DJ Slahver proposed.
Nicah the Queen. She is off the market after DJ Slahver proposed.

Controversial gospel artiste Nicah the Queen is off the market.

Nicah announced that she had accepted a marriage proposal from her beau Dj Slahver.

In a video for her fans to see how the cute moment went down, Nicah confessed that she has been proposed to 12 times and rejected all.

"A snippet of how my engagement went down😜😜😜 I can only say thank you, Jesus! Ever since my separation from Ofweneke, I have received 12 marriage proposals locally and internationally and never was I ready till I met you😜"

In the video, Nicah is blindfolded and led into a room beautifully decorated for the occasion.

She has worn an all-white jumpsuit with heels.The blindfolded musician has no clue that Slahver is waiting for her on one knee.

Behind slahver is a banner with the words 'Marry Me'.

Friends surround the room silently watching in order not to give away the surprise.

"When you love God there are something’s you’ll never struggle with like getting genuine love😜 In one of the proposals a mother proposed to me on behalf of his son who was abroad😂😂😂😂 How crazy was that!? " She tells of the incredible moment.

Nicah has been declaring that she is practicing celibacy until the right moment, which she said was marriage.

On May 1, the mother of two took to social media to declare it has been two years.

“Sexually we are not active but there are moments we get intimate but not sexually. We have made an accord by ourselves to maintain the status quo until we get married,” Nicah sensationally claimed.

They live together but don't get intimate.

“Yes we live together but everybody has their room. Even when we go on vacations we spend time in different rooms.

We are not legally married and until such a time we intend to remain that way,” she said.


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