DJ Fatxo reveals what transpired on the night Jeff Mwathi died

DJ Fatxo says he like Jeff as he reminded him of his younger self.

• Jeff Mwathi had been contracted 

DJ Fatxo he is a suspect in the death of Jeff Mwathi.

Mugithi artist DJ Fatxo has for the first time explained what transpired on the night Jeff Mwathi died.

In an exclusive interview with Massawe Jappani, Jeff elaborated in detail saying he was introduced to Jeff by businesswoman Faith Mutanu.

"I have a Deejay school from around Zetech University and put something else eg shoes and clothes which are fast moving.

The Deejay school would be moved to Kamaki's. I did not have his number, I only got it in January 2023.

The only person I had in mind was Jeff. I called Faith Mutanu and requested his number.

At the time his shop had collapsed after Covid-19 hit."

Fatxo says even after getting Jeff's number he did not contact him immediately

"Mwathi and I were not very good friends, we would only interact when we met.

After Faith Mutanu gave me Jeff's number I told him I would contact him for his services.

It was on Tuesday, I had gone to Ruiru to check out a Wines and spirits joint where I have shares.

I put a meme on my status around 2:30 pm with a friend.

After that, Jeff reacted to the status.

It hit me that the hall I was to move my Deejay school was now complete so I could now contract his services."

Upon engaging Jeff in a short conversation, the two agreed to meet

"Jeff was in Kimbo, so I asked him where he was so that we would discuss business.

He came in like 30 minutes, At the time I was at Bliss Bistro

Jeff came and found me drinking water and Redbull, he asked for water.

I continued talking to Kinuthia (Event manager) as I wanted him to revive the business.

I later got a call from Arthur Mupau, PA to Churchill Live. He called saying he wanted to book me for a show.

I need money for some of my businesses so I cut my meeting short and went to meet him."

Fatxo left Bliss Bistro in the company of Kinuthia and Jeff.

"We left and went to Ashaki Gardens,

By then Jeff and I had not talked about the business.

I told Jeff to ask for a pen and biro from a waitress and write down the materials needed to renovate my shop.

Kinuthia and I went to see the Mupau for the meeting and I got the deal.

Around 4:30 I was to meet a Mugithi artist called Waithaka wa Jeni.

We had to meet and do a Promo for an upcoming show. We met at Destiny Garden. "

He died after a night out with DJ Fatxo
Jeff Mwathi. He died after a night out with DJ Fatxo
Image: Facebook

DJ Fatxo says although he drinks, he does not like doing so during the day

"We got to Roysambu, where I was to pick up a delivery of mine. Jeff insisted that Faith Mutanu tag along so that it doesn't look like he was short-changing her.

At the time he would record audio and send them to his mum.

I am also very close with my mum so seeing him update his mum excited me.

By 7:00 PM, Faith Mutanu had not reached us so we agreed to meet her at the shop.

Jeff and I left for Ruiru. "

Further adding

"Tiktoker Sue Gachambi had asked me to find her some jobs while here.

I was to meet Douglas an events organizer from Whiskey River to organize the same.

Jeff begged to go with me for sherehe after work.

We passed by Gwa Kairu and took one of Jeff's friends. At the time I was still with Kinuthia.

After that, we passed by the shop Jeff was to renovate for me.

Later we picked Faith Mutanu and went to Liquor Store in RidgeWays, Kiambu Road. "

Fatxo explained that the club's hope was not because of sherehe but because of business meetings

"It was around 8:30 pm or 9:00 pm.

We later went to Quiver Lounge as we wanted to go support the reggae Spin master DJ Moh.

I was the one driving.

The lady was picked at Gwa Kairu (Jeff's girlfriend) and was carried by another guy known as Karis, I do not know if they had an agreement or not.

Faith said her cousins were at home so she called them so that they would join us for sherehe.

When we got to Quiver Lounge Faith Mutanu remained in my car waiting for her two cousins, as they were to bring a change of clothes."

After like three minutes Jeff's girlfriend and Karis arrived, but at the time the interior designer and his partner were not on good terms.

"He texted me asking me to loan him Ksh 200 or 500 bob, he gave me a till number and I sent him Ksh 500.

His girlfriend (Jeff) hugged me and said she was going home. I asked her why she was going yet the party was just beginning.

I did not even know her name. I thought maybe the cash Jeff had asked me for was to pay for this ladies' cab."

Fatxo says he was focusing on Kinuthia and the other guys as they are the ones who give him business

"I called my driver and asked him to come to Quiver Lounge as we were now starting to get drunk.

I cleared the bill at around 3:00 AM."

He decided to show Mutanu where he lives so that she can be dropping his deliveries

It is then that one girl requested to take a piss.

"I showed them where I live when one cousin of her's asked to use my washroom.

Jeff recorded a video of my house with my knowledge as he wanted to inform his mum we had gotten home.

I started playing the guitar, while one of the ladies started smoking shisha.

Jeff said he did not want whisky, so he asked for Gin.

The ladies said they wanted water. 

Around 4:30 am Jeff and I were drinking but I blacked out.

I was woken up by Faith Mutanu, she was supposed to do deliveries in the morning so she wanted to leave.

I walked out with them (3 ladies) I left Jeff, my driver, and my cousin in the house."

Jeff Mwathi.
Image: Courtesy

The artist insisted he did not kill Jeff

"I packed in Lumuba Drive around 5:00 something, I blacked out and I was woken up by the sun around 9:00 am.

I found many missed calls among them those of my cousin and driver, when I got home I saw lots of people among the cops.

As I was entering the main gate, I stopped and joked with the cops.

The watchman then informed me that I had to sign in as someone had died in the building.

I decided to go see who it is that died. I know no one in that apartment as I had not stayed there for long.

From afar, I couldn't see the face because it was hidden by a pillar, so I was not able to see it because I could see some scattered pieces of flesh.

I told them I suspected the guy had been thrown by my Nigerian neighbors from the 12th floor as he had no trousers."

My cousin and my driver were looking shocked as I told them what I had seen.

"As I waited for them to warm my food I asked where Jeff was and they said he had gone and they said he was asleep.

I went to sleep but not before calling my girlfriend and telling her what happened."

Fatxo says when he took a shower and went to the room where Jeff had been sleeping to pick shoes to wear as his shoe rack is in that room, Jeff was not in bed.

"I woke up and decided to respond to calls and messages, I took a shower and dressed up.

I went to the guest room to pick a pair of shoes as that is where my shoe rack is.

I picked up my shoes and went to the sitting room and asked them why they let him go but I could see his shoes were still there, I even checked under the bed.

I peeped outside the window and started asking myself whether the body I saw might have been Jeff's."

Why did he go to his house with Jeff

"I wanted him to sleep at my place and then we would wake up and start work the next day.

How was I supposed to let him go to Kimbo at that time?" 

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