Mama Jeff- Why I clean Mwathi's grave site after every three days

Jeff died while at DJ Fatxo's house.

• Mama Jeff cleans her son's grave three times a week.

• Sometimes she cleans it daily especially when she is not very busy.

jeff mwathi grave 1
jeff mwathi grave 1

Months after Jeff Mwathi's burial, Ann Wacuka says she cleans her son's gravesite atleast three times in a week.

The reason behind this is that in life Jeff Mwathi was a clean and well organized young man before his life was cut short.

This she shared during an interview with Nicholas Kioko.

"Huyu mtoto alikua mclean sana sana sana. Alikua msafi sana," she said. 

(This child was very very clean)

Ann revealed that she cleans her son's grave after every three days or sometimes even daily if she doesn't have other things to do.

"[nakujanga] after three days. Na kama sometimes nimeboeka nawezakuja karibu kila siku kama sina kitu nafanya nyumbani. Natembea hapa nakuja naangalia alafu narudi nyumbani," she said.

"I come here after three days, but sometimes when am bored or idle I can come everyday. I come visit the gravesite and then go back home.

I come with water and a towel and wipe the place clean."

She also called out investigators saying the inquest into her son's death was not convincing for them as a family.

Jeff Mwathi.
Image: Facebook

Anne Mwathi insists that her son was murdered and expressed disappointment that his death happened under the watch of someone he trusted.

She blamed the police for not being too keen with their investigations and making arrests.

"Venye aliuawa, hiyo nyumba haikuzingirwa ikuwe haiwezi ingiwa na mtu mpaka uchunguzi ifanywe. Waliconsider mtoto wangu amejiua. Although mi najua mtoto wangu hakujiua," she said in a video posted by content creator, Nicholas Kioko.

(When he was murdered they did not mark the house as a crime scene to prevent people from entering. They determined that my son committed suicide. Although I know my child did not kill himself)

Anne further wondered why the DCI had not arrested DJ Faxto and the people who were with him the day Jeff died.

She regretted that Jeff's body had to be exhumed yet the authorities could have interrogated people about the incident.

"I am hurt... They had me exhume my son's body and then reported that there was no evidence. That was wrong.

I want my justice for my son." She said

Jeff, 23, died on February 22, 2023, in unclear circumstances.

His body was on March 31 exhumed and a fresh autopsy conducted at the grave site at Jeff's parents' home in Likia, Nakuru County.

Police sought orders for the exhumation after preliminary forensic investigations ruled out suicide as the cause of death. 

In April, DCI concluded their investigations and forwarded the file to the Director of Public Prosecutions for directions.

DJ Fatxo, who admitted that Jeff was in his house the day Jeff died, was considered a person of interest.

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