Sauti Sol: Why we don't perform during national celebrations

Sauti Sol is among the most sought after music band in Kenya.

• Sauti Sol comprises of Bien, Chimano,Savara and Polycarp.

• The group is loved by many for their maturity and lack of scandals.

Sauti Sol
Image: Instagram/Sauti Sol

Ever wondered why you never see Sauti Sol performing during National events?

Despite their prominence, you will never catch the group entertaining Kenyans.

In an interview with Nairobi News,  The Boys Band says their high rates are one of the major reasons they never get hired.

“We will never perform in any public holiday celebration because the government cannot afford to pay us. It is the bitter truth,” Bien said.

Bien added that the last time they ever performed at such celebrations was in 2011 and they were only paid Sh40,000.

“We were young then; growing in the industry. We distributed (the money) amongst ourselves and that was all,” he said.

Sauti Sol recently took issues with the Music Copyright Society of Kenya in what it terms as not appreciating Kenyan musicians.

In a tweet bashing MCSK Tuesday, April 18, Sauti Sol threatened to withdraw its membership in the organization.

"We are going to withdraw our membership from the society as it does not serve our best interests entirely. "

Last week, MCSK began distributing royalties owed to Kenyan musicians.

The distribution will be done in phases, as they alerted in a notice on its website.Bien Aime, one of the members of Sauti Sol, shared a screengrab of what they got as royalties.

They were sent sh14k via mpesa

Bien mocked them hilariously. The outspoken singer appeared to encourage others to mention that they cannot wait to get their money and laugh about it.

Khaligraph Jones and Nyashinski are among those who will receive them later.This inspired other musicians to share what was owed to them, amusing KOT with their peanut Mpesa messages.

In a strongly worded statement on their Twitter account Sauti Sol

"Why does MCSK always act like they are doing Kenyan musicians a favor? Let's get a few things clear!"

Sautis sol added their sadness at MCSK failing in its mandate of uplifting the lives of musicians through collecting royalties in the 254. 1.

The royalties collected are NOT their direct income but yours.

They are working for you!2. They are supposed to distribute nothing less than 70% of all royalties collected to the members and provide credible statements of account to that effect.3.

They can NOT operate without a license. So the question is, do they have a license from KECOBO or not?

The collective Management Organization has been lambasted severally. Genge singer Nonini withdrew from its membership in 2022 over the same issue.

He wrote a letter indicating his intentions, also notifying Kenyans that he will register as a member of the American equivalent.

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