Peter Blessing and B Classic's life saving gift from Eza FBI

Renowned FBI dancer Ezra Njagi is a man on a mission

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• From helping aspiring politician Kasipul, he is now looking for Peter Blessing and B Classic.

• He has vowed to help struggling artistes return to their passion.

ezra fbi comes to the aid of peter blessing and b classic
ezra fbi comes to the aid of peter blessing and b classic

Ezra FBI is a man on a mission to help struggling musicians return to their passion.

He has heard the cries of Peter Blessing who has dropped music to take up a paying job. Ezra has offered each sh100k.

Bahati's ex signee Peter Blessing a week ago opened up about the hardships he has been facing.

Years ago, Peter Blessing was fresh faced and landed his big break with EMB records.

The young gospel artiste's problems started after Bahati sued him for allegedly stealing his sh2 million, but he was acquitted of the charges.

Blessing told content creator Presenter Ali that he was trying to make ends meet.

"I had a challenge in music. You cannot go telling everyone you have a problem or begging from friends so you have to get something so that you do not sleep hungry," he said.



"It was not easy going back to my former job. I reached a point that was not easy. Some people see me and wonder whether it is me (doing this job)," he added.

In an interview with Shiku Gitau n the Eve Munagi Channel, Ezra told

"Nataka kusaidia wasanii. They say Nimeamua nistreamline industry. Wanasema maneneo kidogo pesa mingi" he shared adding "when God blesses you, you should also extend the same to others."

What does he mean streamline the industry?

"Tunaona wasanii wanajitokeza wako na mashida, Like B Classic and Peter Blessing.

Maneno kidogo pesa mingi"

Ezra said eh was saddened by Peter Blessing leaving gospel music to take up a job as a guard "Awache arudi akuje aiimbie mungu . I am helping them from the bottom of my heart"

B Classic on the other hand, exposed his management for landing him in financial crisis. He confessed saying he is broke.

The admission was made two days ago with YouTuber Obidan Dela, where B Classic said he has been showcasing a fake rich lifestyle to impress his social media in laws.

He has been missing from his online accounts. It turns out the management took control of them.

He found himself in jail after attempting to gain control of them.

He said he was last paid in December last year, and it has been hard.

He wondered where hsi earnign from all his shows were.

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