B Classic offers to wife up Shakilla but with 1 major condition

The socialite had expressed her concern about why she could not find a man who saw her as wife material

Piece by: Moses Sagwe

• B Classic said he is also in the process of finding a God-fearing woman to settle down in marriage with him.

•Shakilla, who has been showing all the symptoms of a person who is being attacked by depression, said she doubts that she is not being seduced.

B Classic.
Image: Instagram

Coast musician B Classic has announced that he is ready to take socialite Shakilla as his wife. This comes just a few days after Shakilla expressed her concern that no serious man is trying to get her as a wife.

The socialite had said that despite having more than 300,000 followers on Instagram, not a single man had tried to make a bold move on her, which has given her stress, wondering if she was purposefully created for the streets and not for the comfort of home life and a husband.

"All my followers no one wants to enter a serious relationship with me. Was I meant to be in the streets for life,” the socialite asked with great concern.

Image: Instagram

After seeing this, the 'Call Me Baby' musician offered to be the special man to remove her shame by taking her as his wife.

But that's not all, he gave one condition that Shakilla should fulfill so that he can become her husband saying that she should become a God-fearing woman.

“Shakila! Shakila! I have seen you want to leave the streets, see the thing is I am also in the market and I can take you in and I give you a good life.

But are you willing to change? I’ll cater for everything…. As long as I see you becoming a church girl," said the musician.

But a large percentage of netizens who have been following Shakilla closely believe that this condition of being a child of the church will be a difficult job for the socialite.

But who knows? Shakilla might want the marriage life so badly that she follows the prescription offered by singer. 

Or it might just be clout-chasing by the famous Instagrammer...

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