Being saved is not boring! Fierce Nicah defends fashion choices after celebs criticised her

The dress Nicah wore on first Oh Sister episode has brought criticism

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• Nicah wore a bodycon black dress with a slit.

• Cast members bashed her over her fashion.

Nicah the Queen.
Image: Instagram/Nicah the Queen.

Celebrities are known to occasionally spark controversy with their attire. Such was the case for Gospel singer Nicah The Queen, who on Friday, April 7 appeared on the first ever episode of Kenyan's newest reality tv show 'Oh Sister'.

She was at a dinner party hosted by Size 8 for the cast members. During conversations, Lady Bee commented on Nicah's outfit choice. Even Kabi WaJesus joined in the criticism about her 'inappropriate' dress.

This led to Nicah walking out after a heated exchange. Now has hit back at critics. She has told off people offended saying being saved doesn't mean you dress boring

"Good morning beautiful people!!! This was the first goat eating I attended and I was dressed so well! So don't put it as if I am the only one who dresses badly! The second goat eating was dinner and I dressed the part! You want me to wear a dera because I am saved or? Being saved is not boring."

She added;

"Being saved is not boring!\n And I'm not the problem, it is the body that is how it is! Even if I wear that dress, things are still the same, first it will shake even more and then they will say that other people's husbands are there, it is like I am a husband snatcher! People who watched OH SISTER yesterday saw that they had problems because I came with my bodyguard! Those are the things you have with me!! #kuokokasiokuboeka #perfectlyimperfect #Jesusgurl."

Her man Dj Slahver has weighed in assuring her of his love.

"If a born-again Christian judges you cos of your physique, then they are directly judging/questioning God for creating you the way you are. Mtu wangu God alitake time yake to create you ndio maana hata uvae nguo gani you cannot walk unnoticed. Uko tu sawa ni clout wanatafuta na wewe. Next time nakuongezea security ndio wabanje sasa. I love you 😘🥰❤️"

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