Lady Bee- I used to smoke Bhang with Size 8

She has been saved for about 10 years


• About her relationship status, she said that she is single and God is her husband.

•Lady Bee is a mother to one beautiful girl

Lady Bee
Image: Instagram

Bernice Mugo popularly known as Lady Bee admitted that she and size 8 used to consume bhang before salvation and turning back to Christ during an exclusive with Kalondu Musyimi.

"Size 8 and I used to smoke bhang, the real one. These things that people have been smoking is not bhang, we smoke the real thing. The Lord really changed me," she said.

The mother of one disclosed that she has been saved for 10 years adding that;

" This is the part that I will never shy away from because I know that my future is bright and my present is brighter and so I glorify God for the grace"

About the show, Lady  Bee  described that it will show their day-to-day lives as they are imperfect but serve a perfect God,

About her relationship status, she said that she is single and God is her husband.

Lady Bee was at the launch of the reality show 'Oh Sister' where she is part of the cast.

Size 8 disclosed that they met way back when they were both in the secular world and how they were addicted to using bhang adding that she is closer to her since they have been friends for years explaining that;

  "I've known Lady Bee for many years, Wueh tumevuta ndom pamoja, so we are very close."

 The preacher said that she is most close to her as they have known one another for the longest time.

The show will give viewers an inside look into the lives of seven music stars with the new reality series, Oh! Sister.

Other casts are, Milly WaJesus, Betty Bayo, Lady Bee, Nicah the Queen, Janet Otieno, and Priscilla Ndanu.

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