• Jose Chameleone has explained why he partially game up on his dream to join politics.

• He said it is hard to be a politician in Africa.

Image: Instagram/Chameleone.

Ugandan singer Jose Chameleone has explained why he partially gave up on his dream to join politics.

Chameleone publicly announced his interest in a top political seat come in Uganda's general elections in 2020. He would later lose in his bid to become the Lord Mayor of Kampala.

Speaking to Willy M Tuva, the Valu Valu hitmaker said it is hard to be a politician in Africa.

"African politics is not streamlined. I cannot manage to be a politician as an artiste since in music, it is either you have a good or bad song. I can't stand and lie to the people. Politics in Africa is that everyone is trying to misuse the opportunity. I don't want to be like those politicians who take advantage of speechless people. I tried but people said they want their politicians."

Asked if he will try politics again, Chameleone said only God can plan for him. He also spoke about how he maintains his legacy saying artistes are limited and he does not like forcing himself to be relevant.

"I want to be important to all generations. We are not the last people in this world. We have to be different during our time," he said.

Speaking about his interest in the seat just before the elections, Jose Chameleone said that artists who joined politics faced a lot of resistance and disrespect.

"I have a big chance of winning this. At first, they disrespected artistes who joined politics but our music has done a good job. Get my songs and remove the beats and read the message you will realize we write with a purpose."


"We see different things happening to people. Unless they rig these elections, but people are ready and willing to vote for Mayanja because they have studied me and found out that I’m the right person. I can’t sing all these songs and still have a coconut head."

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